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LED Uplighting

March 8, 2016 Blog LED Uplighting Lighting Hire 1
LED Uplighting

LED Uplighting is fast becoming more and more popular at weddings and parties alike. Correctly used LED uplighting can transform a
room in seconds from a dark and boring room, into something magical, inviting and warming. There are many uses for LED uplighting, and a wide range of styles and techniques people use to do it.

Here at PBL, we use the latest LED uplighting products in order to transform your room, safely, quickly and effectively. Our LED Uplighting packages use 3 main LED uplighting fixtures.

LED Uplighting

Firstly, we use par can LED uplighters, which can manually be set to static colours through DMX channel pins. These fixtures can also be run through a colour chase either by sound activated, or through a manually set fade speed.

Secondly, we use battery powered LED bars and battery powered LED par can uplighters. Here, we are not restricted to where we can put LED uplighting. This new technology battery powered uplighting kits can run for around 9 hours on a full charge. One key advantage to these LED uplighting kits is that no wires are use what so ever, and these fixtures are even programmed and set via a wireless remote. For example, you could have all the uplighters on pink through your wedding, then when the party really starts you can wirelessly set the lights to chase and pulse with the music.

Finally, we have LED uplighting bars which come in a 50cm and 100cm length size. These can be hung around a room, or strategically in places like window arches and round the back of seating. These are DMX controlled, so can be held on a static colour, or manually programmed to chase to music or pre-programmed another sequence.

However, remember, LED uplighting is not only for weddings, LED uplighting can be used to transform any room.

One of our best LED uplighting jobs is around Halloween, where we transform venues to eerie dark green and spooky atmospheres with our uplighting and smoke effects.



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