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Outdoor spaces are usually included with venue hire so why not make the most of them? Outdoor lighting has a number of functions: create a stunning view from inside the venue, make the space inviting when the sun goes down and provide lighting to give guests a lasting impression of the event and a safe walk as they leave at the end of the night.!

In winter, highlighting outdoor features which are visible from inside the venue works brilliantly. In the warmer months, outdoor lighting can be used to create atmosphere on patios, balconies or on the lawn of the marquee. Features like trees, porticos, balustrades, arbours, walls, parasols and pergolas are idea for feature lighting with flood lights, fairy lights and candlelight.

Outdoor Lighting Schemes

We design outdoor lighting schemes using fairy lighting, festoon lighting, candlelight and ambient flood lighting. Explore what we offer on the services menu and use the gallery on the right for inspiration.

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Outdoor lighting is what we do !