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iPod DiscoHere at PBL Hire, we offer an affordable yet outstanding iPod Disco hire package. Our iPod Discos (which can also be called iPod wedding or iPod party) is when you control the party music through your very own iPod. You could create a playlist, play a party mic album or anything you like from your iPod, iPad, Laptop or other mp3 device.

Our iPod Disco packages allow you to play your own music collection through our professional quality speakers. This saves you a lot of money, as you are not paying for the hire of a DJ.

Our iPod Disco sound equipment systems are easy to use, much like your existing home stereo or iPod docking station

The iPod Disco sound system packages are compatible with any iPod, MP3 player, laptop or anything with standard headphone socket.

This is the complete solution, we deliver, set up, then collect all the equipment once you are finished.

All our iPod Disco packages include professional quality DJ speakers, safe and sturdy speaker stands, all required cables and leads.

Furthermore, we can also supply you with professional disco lights, home smoke machines to really get the party started.

Don’t forget, if you need a complete solution with mobile discos DJ included, we can also supply that. Please click here to make a completely free online enquiry

North East Disco Lights HireIf you are looking at hiring Disco Lights in the North East you have come to the right place. Here at PBL Hire, we are leading North East in Disco Equipment Hire specialists, specialising in North East Disco Lights Hire. So whether your based in Newcastle, Leeds, Hartlepool, Middlesbrough or anywhere in the North East, we cover the area with our cost effective, yet professional disco light hire packages.

But what type of North East Disco Lights Hire is right for you?

Their are a wide range of types of North East Disco Lights Hire fittings, from traditional moonflowers, to scanners and moving head intelligent lights. All available in our hire stock today.
All of our North East Disco Lights Hire packages include professional and industry recognised disco lighting fixtures from leading manufacturers such as American DJ, Chauvet and Martin. All of which can be linked together for a truly mind blowing disco light show.
We also stock intelligent disco lighting available for North East hire. So if your just looking for a simple disco lighting package for a house party we can supply you with a lighting stand with disco lights, and even a smoke machine. Or if you require something a lot bigger, we can supply you with a complete lighting truss system with moving heads, scanners, haze, strobes and more!
Don’t forget, we also have complete North East Disco Set Ups available for hire, which include the sound system, disco lighting, disco stand. Furthermore, whether your getting a simple lighting package or full show, all our packages are set up completely for you, and covered by comprehensive public liability insurance with PAT (portable appliance test) certificates.
Alternatively, why not look into our North East Mobile Disco DJ packages where everything is included?
For more information into our North East Disco Lights Hire packages, please feel free to call us today on 07508 561 145 or click here to enquire online.

Smoke Machine HireWith Halloween just around the corner, why not make your Halloween party extra special with our smoke machine hire. We have a huge range of smoke machines available for hire ranging from small smoke machines, to low lying fog machines and vertical smoke machines. Furthermore, we also have a range of haze machines available for hire with an added extra of scented fluid.

What can smoke machine hire bring to my Halloween party?

A well placed and correctly installed smoke machine can really make your big Halloween party that extra special. Having a LED par can, manually set to green (the spooky green), pointing out in the direction of a smoke machine will certainly offer a spooky effect.

Another great effect which can be achieved with a Halloween haze machine would be a spooky scent in the air. A hazer is a lot let dense that a smoke machine, and is designed to be continually set off either on a ongoing basis or through a timed remote (supplied by us). This combined with some green and red LED par cans and maybe a strobe or laser would really make a spooky occasion.

A Halloween smoke machine hire is not only useful for your Halloween party, it can also be used to draw attention to trick or treaters and give your house a Halloween look.

All of our smoke machine hire packages can either be dropped off and set up, or can be collected. With our Halloween smoke machine hire solutions, we can also provide spooky LED uplighting both internally and externally. Furthermore, if you need a high quality sound system for either music or scary sound effects we can also build a custom package for you.

Furthermore, if your looking for a North East Halloween Party Disco visit PBL Discos here

So for your halloween smoke machine hire, for professional and consumer use, please call 07508 561 145 today or click here to enquire online

American DJ Freq StrobesLEDs have come a long way since they first hit the DJ, professional and stage scene around about 7 years ago from American DJ at least. Following a constant and on going battle to simulate a similar light output, LED lighting has been continually improving through better technology, research and understanding. We are here to tell you more about the new American DJ Freq Strobes and our hire stock.

Recently, we have seen American DJ release lighting fixtures capable of outputting a true white, similar to that of a incandescent or gas discharge bulb.

Over the last few months specifically, American DJ has released a number of high output, LED lighting fixtures such as the American DJ Inno Roll and American DJ Inno Scan, which have pushed the boundaries in moving lighting technology. Furthermore, their release of the American DJ Tri 7x pushed forward LED par can technology.

However, one lighting fixture type we all thought would be a long, long way away from competing with LED would be strobe lights. The sheer nature of point of a strobe is to output white light, at a alarming frequency and brightness.

The American DJ Freq Strobes series does exactly that.

In the American DJ Freq Strobes range we have the Freq 5 and Freq 16. The lighting and effect type between these two models are identical, with the only difference being the number of light sources – 5 compared to 16. Here, the light sources are high powered 5 watt white LED capsules, surrounded by a focused mirror. This produces such a white light output, that it does in fact rival traditional strobes.

As usual, a massive benefit of LED lighting technology is the power consumption. A traditional and more so a Xenon strobe can use between 750 and 3000 watts of power. Whereas these LED strobes, including the bigger of the two use less than 100 watts.

Working in both stand alone and DMX, these LED strobe are a fantastic fitting and as expected, very, very light. We fitted a Freq 5 and Freq 16 on to some trussing today and it was extremely easy with just one O-clamp required. We will definitely be using some of the American DJ Freq Strobes in our Mobile Discos.

If your looking to hire some American DJ Freq Strobes strobe lights, click here to enquire online.

Peavey Impulse 12DFrom Peavey’s Black Widow legacy, from inside the depths of Peavey HQ, comes the Peavey Impulse 12D speakers. They have some big boots to fill, but by god do they fill them well.

When you first use a pair, you will of course want to hear how loud they really are, I did, they are seriously loud. However, they don’t distort, have a great bass response and a very clear mid range. However, it is the top end that really stands out. Obviously, most DJs who these speakers are designed for, will only hear their speakers from behind – But, the Peavey Impulse 12D will make you want to be a guest at your very own disco, just to sit and appreciate the sound quality.

Another great benefit of the Peavey Impulse 12Ds is the sheer weight of the cabs. Each speaker is very, very light, meaning setting up is 100 times easier and also is a lot safer. In fact, each cab is only 17.7KG

Obviously, these speakers main benefits are the weight/size and extreme power/sound quality. But it is only when you start to dig into the technology behind the Peavey Impulse 12D that you truly appreciate how much effort Peavey have put in.

Inside the Peavey Impulse 12Ds

The amplifier module in the speaker uses what Peavey call ‘IPR Power Amplifier Technology’. Basically, this means they kick out 1200 watts from each speaker. Peavey have also thought about various inputs carefully, and have built in 2 separate input channels, offering XLR, jack and Phoenix connector (for installations) and also RCA phono inputs. Peavey’s DynaQ digital signal processing system is also built into the speaker, offering advanced tone controls to maintain the high quality sound. Their are also buttons to press for added bass and music/speech which changes the speakers EQ depending on the application.

DDT anti-clipping speaker protection is also provided, along with an auto-of feature that automatically shuts down the amplifier when no signal is detected. However, probably the most exciting, yet intriguing feature is that the Peavey Impulse 12D includes an expansion bay. This will allow new technology to be added to the cab. Peavey are already in the process of developing ‘plug in’ modules such as wireless inputs, delays and also Ethernet input and outputs.

The excellent sound quality of the Peavey Impulse 12D is produced by a dual voice neodymium speaker, controlled by a bi-amplified active servo circuit. All this technology gives precise control over the forward and backward movement of the speaker ensuring that the cone’s movement precising mirrors the signal from the power amplifier. In addition, the use of a ribbon driver, the same used in high priced and quality studio monitors and the Peavey Versarray gives amazingly clear sound and plenty of volume.


North East Sound System HireTheir are a lot of North East Sound System Hire options available, from many different companies and from a even wider range of prices. What I want to do in this brief blog, is simply educate you on what to look out for when choosing the right North East Sound System Hire company and package.

Our top 3 tips on getting the right North East Sound System Hire deal

1) North East Sound System Hire – Power isn’t everything

There are two types of wattage when it comes to sound system – RMS and Peak Power.

RMS is the amount of power that a speaker can constantly use to produce sound without incurring damage over long periods of time – this is the speakers continuous power rating. (this is the most important factor to look for!)

Peak Power is the amount of power the speaker can take for very brief explosive passages of sound or music.

Some North East Sound System Hire packages will only list the Peak Power values of their sound systems, making them appear louder than they really are. While technically accurate, you’ll find that the RMS wattage is actually the true reflection of the speaker’s capability.

Best example; a cheap pair of disco speakers, might be advertised at 800 watts, but in reality are only 300 RMS, meaning when you get to your larger venue, the sound system simply won’t be loud enough.

2) North East Sound System Hire – Bigger is not always better

Big speakers don’t always mean they will be louder and sound better. Furthermore, if you are told you need bass bins, that is simply not always the case, some decent speakers have a good bass response without the need for added bass bins. Whether you need bass bins comes down the the type of music you want to play. IE if you are planning on playing drum and bass, their may be an argument, but for a simply wedding sound system in a smallish venue, they are simply not always needed. Furthermore, anyone who tells you that 12″ or even 15″ cabs don’t give enough bass, treat with caution, nowadays modern speakers are better well equipped.

3) North East Sound System Hire – Active or passive

Their are 2 types of North East Sound System Hire speaker packages, active ones and passive ones. The difference between the two are active don’t require external amps, whereas passive systems still require an external amp. A good sound system doesn’t nessessarily have to be active or passive. If it is set up correctly you shouldn’t have a problem. However, with an older passive system, their are more components that could go wrong and if the power rating of the speakers are not matched correctly against the amp, could brake. Furthermore, if the amp breaks, you could loose all music all together, whereas with an active pa system, if one speaker goes off, the other will continue to run as normal.

Here at PBL Hire, we have a fantastic range of North East Sound System Hire packages available, please click here to view. Or if you are looking for a sound system with sound engineer, visit our PBL Audio website, which contains all the information you need regarding PA system hire with fully trained sound technicians.

American DJ Revo BurstWe have recently learnt that the American DJ Revo Burst will be shortly discontinued, which we feel is a great shame. From it’s birth in October 2010, this fixture was continued American DJ’s goal of creating high quality, affordable, intelligent LED lighting fixtures. The Revo Burst is an energetic disco lighting effect that uses 7 clusters of 42 LEDs each (this means a whopping 294 in total comprising of Red, Green, Blue & White LEDs). The American DJ Revo Burst is light weight and very compact which makes a real favourite amongst mobile DJs. Opertating in three different modes; sound-active mode, show mode, or it can be controlled by a DMX controller. Obviously master/slave goes without saying.

Angling the American DJ Revo Burst on a ceiling, wall or on the floor with or without using fog give a fantastic effect. This lighting effect has a wide beam (46 degrees) angle, giving amazing coverage.

Something whilst we think you may find useful, is the DMX traits, so we have uploaded a copy to the right.

The American DJ Revo Burst features highly in our Disco Lighting packages, and will commonly be paired up with 2 nice American DJ Inno Scans or American DJ Inno Rolls to give a premium disco light show. The above, combined with a nice laser, will really get your party started.

American DJ Revo Burst Key Features

RGB + White
• Pattern Strobe
• Electronic Dimming 0-100%
• Built in Microphone
• DMX-512 protocol
• 25 Color Patterns & 25 Chases in DMX Mode
• Uses Five DMX Channels
• UC3 Controller (Not Included)


American DJ Inno RangeOver the last number of years, LED disco lighting technology has evolved from low output and intensity simple LED par can lights, to LED lighting which is capable of giving halogen bulbs a run for their money. Here at PBL, we can hire the latest LED lighting range, the American DJ Inno Range.

Comprising of 4 products, the American DJ Inno range is at the forefront of LED disco lighting technology producing a 108 watt LED moving head, only dreamt of in the near distant past. If you remember, it was American DJ themselves who burst onto and first penetrated the market with LED disco lighting with the American DJ Revo 2 only a number of years ago now. Move over, the American DJ Inno Range is here.

The American DJ Inno Range:

Inno Scan

The American DJ Inno Scan kicks off the LED revolution with a 50 watt LED scanner. Boasting separate gobo and colour wheels which are a must for any professional lighting designer, this fitting is insanely bright and even has rotating gobos. We have demoed this product and have surprised so many onlookers as they notice the sheer brightness of the scanner. Available in 2 DMX modes as well as the usual master/slave as well as sound active, the American DJ Inno Scan is also compatable with the UC3 controller. My only slight criticism of the Inno Scan is that in sound activated mode, its gobo and colour varients don’t vary quick enough – but that is me looking hard for a fault. A huge benefit to this scanner for any lighting design is the 1.8 degree stepping motor, you will not appreciate how smooth this fitting is until you use one. It also responds fantastically through DMX on pan/tilt. With a low power consumption of 103w you can also quickly link these together, through standard IEC link leads. Any DJ disco set up would look amazing with 2 of these. This is a fantastic member of the American DJ Inno Range. However, if your looking for sales not hire, you can buy the American DJ Inno Scan here.

Inno Roll

The American DJ Inno Range answer to a LED roll barrel roll scanner is the American DJ Inno Roll, and what what a light it is. Powered by a 50 watt LED, emitting for over 30,000 hours of light is insane. This fixture features separate gobo and colour wheels, 6 rotating gobos plus spot, as well as gobo shake effect. This light looks fantastic in a bank of 4, whether this be as part of a bigger lighting show or simply a disco or nightclub environment, use these scanners in and synchronise opposites (ie 1 & 3 sync opposite scanner 2 & 4). Whether manual programming through DMX or simple master/slave, this looks insane! However, if your looking for sales not hire, you can buy the American DJ Inno Roll here.

Inno Beam 12

The Inno Colour Beam 12 is a small, compact, high performance 36 watt LED moving head which offers a 15 degree narrow beam angle, perfect for many lighting designers. Built using 12 high-quality CREE LEDs, (3 red, 3 green, 3 blue, 3 white), colour mxing is seamless and the open white is exceedingly bright for a LED fitting. This fitting is a LED spot style effect, so bank these lights into groups (only 5kg/head) to create some awesome effects. Available for use in 9 or 16 channel DMX with stepper motors, the fitting can add a touch off class to your lightshow. I first saw the American DJ Inno Range at Plasa 2012, and this fitting in particular I was impressed with.

Inno Beam LED

The Inno Colour Beam LED  is the pinacle of the American DJ Inno Range boasting as a 108 watt LED moving head. Featuring 36, 3 watt CREE LEDs (8 red, 10 green, 10 blue and 8 white). As with the Inno Beam 12, the daddy is operational in 2 DMX modes, as well as the usual Master/slave and controllable via a UC3 controller. But why pay extra, is it just for brightness? Well, yes, this fitting is brighter than it’s brother, the Inno Beam 12, however, this features a 13.5 degree beam angle and 640 degree pan, which means sweeping beam effects are easier, yet it does compromise on a narrow tilt range (50 degrees). Personally, I prefer the Inno Beam 12, but banked up in groups of at least 3.

Cree’s LED innovation was their February 2010 announcement of a prototype white LED that can produce a record-setting 208 lumens per watt while drawing 350 mA of current, nearly 14 times the efficiency of a typical incandescent light bulb

Here at PBL Hire, you can hire anything from the American DJ Inno Range, so why not call us today and get a fantastic hire price for some from very professional LED lighting.

Nightclub Lighting Hire

Day 1 of Freshers week 2012 saw PBL Hire transform The Studio, Hartlepool, into a light infested, rave station, with our nightclub lighting hire package. With all LED lighting technology, we we’re very impressed with the performance and how far LED lighting has come, even in the last year!

The first night of the mega Freshers week programme at The Studio was a School Foam Party, which was truely a different look for The Studio. I must also add, the night was a fantastic success from everyone involved, great turn out, great foam, great staff and of course great nightclub lighting hire.


North East Disco Equipment HirePBL Hire can supply you with a fully operational, high quality disco set up which is easy to use, looks great and saves you money. Are you planning of having a party, do you want to save money on the mobile disco ? Well why not do it yourself? Many people these days are simply hiring high quality North East Disco Equipment Hire from us then playing their own music via an iPod or laptop. But how exactly does it work?

Once the booking is confirmed, and the size of the room is determined. We prepare a professional North East Disco Equipment Hire set up ready for you to simply turn up, plug in, and off you go. When you turn up at the venue, we will have already set up the equipment. You will recieve a personal guide through tutorial with one of our engineers on what’s what – or written instructions on your request. All you will need to do, is plug in your phone, iPad, iPhone, Laptop. (CDs upon request) into the lead provided and then simply push one fader, which will be all labelled up for you. Easy as that, you cannot go wrong. After your function has finished, one of our engineer will come, dismantle the North East Disco Equipment Hire and remove it from the venue. It is honestly as simply as that.

But how does it save you money?

If you already have a songlist that you are going to provide a DJ with, why not simply play the songlist yourself. You could do this from Media player on your laptop or why not create a playlist in iTunes for your phone?  That way, you are only paying for the hire of the equipment and not the hire of a DJ and the equipment – this can often save you £100’s. Especially on long functions where most of the time the DJ is simply playing background music.

What do we provide as part of your North East Disco Equipment Hire?

As part of the North East Disco Equipment Hire set up, we will provide a DJ stand, a simple to use, labelled sound mixer, industry recognised and great sounding speakers and of course some fancy and great looking disco lighting. All of which is 100% public liability insured, regularly serviced and PAT (portable appliance tested) for safety. Furthermore, we ever through in for free a wireless microphone which is perfect for speeches and so forth.